Current Issue : Vol.40, No.1, February, 2024
Assessments of the GEMS NO2 Products Using Ground-Based Pandora and In-Situ Instruments over Busan, South Korea
Serin Kim1, Ukkyo Jeong2*, Hanlim Lee3, Yeonjin Jung4, Jae Hwan Kim5
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Assessing Stream Vegetation Dynamics and Revetment Impact Using Time-Series RGB UAV Images and ResNeXt101 CNNs
Seung-Hwan Go1, Kyeong-Soo Jeong2, Jong-Hwa Park3*
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Analysis of Co- and Post-Seismic Displacement of the 2017 Pohang Earthquake in Youngilman Port and Surrounding Areas Using Sentinel-1 Time-Series SAR Interferometry
Sentinel-1 시계열 SAR 간섭기법을 활용한 영일만항과 주변 지역의 2017 포항 지진 동시성 및 지진 후 변위 분석
이시웅1, 김태욱2, 한향선3*, 김진우4, 전영범5, 김종건5, 이승철6[Siung Lee1, Taewook Kim2, Hyangsun Han3*, Jin-Woo Kim4, Yeong-Beom Jeon5, Jong-Gun Kim5, Seung Chul Lee6]
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Detection and Grading of Compost Heap Using UAV and Deep Learning
UAV와 딥러닝을 활용한 야적퇴비 탐지 및 관리등급 산정
박미소1, 김흥민2, 김영민3, 박수호3, 김탁영4, 장선웅5*[Miso Park1, Heung-Min Kim2, Youngmin Kim3, Suho Bak3, Tak-Young Kim4, Seon Woong Jang5*]
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Analyzing Soybean Growth Patterns in Open-Field Smart Agriculture under Different Irrigation and Cultivation Methods Using Drone-Based Vegetation Indices
Kyeong-Soo Jeong1, Seung-Hwan Go2, Kyeong-Kyu Lee3, Jong-Hwa Park4*
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The Efficiency of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) in Phenology-Based Crop Classification
Ehsan Rahimi1, Chuleui Jung1,2*
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Development of Deep Learning Based Ensemble Land Cover Segmentation Algorithm Using Drone Aerial Images
드론 항공영상을 이용한 딥러닝 기반 앙상블 토지 피복 분할 알고리즘 개발
박해광1, 백승기2, 정승현3*[Hae-Gwang Park1, Seung-Ki Beak2, Seung Hyun Jeong3*]
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A Study on Predicting North Korea’s Electricity Generation Using Satellite Nighttime Light Data
위성 야간광 자료를 이용한 북한의 발전량 예측 연구
김봉찬1, 이슬기2, 이창욱3*[Bong Chan Kim1, Seulki Lee2, Chang-Wook Lee3*]
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Improving Field Crop Classification Accuracy Using GLCM and SVM with UAV-Acquired Images
Seung-Hwan Go1, Jong-Hwa Park2*
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Matching Performance Analysis of Upsampled Satellite Image and GCP Chip for Establishing Automatic Precision Sensor Orientation for High-Resolution Satellite Images
Hyeon-Gyeong Choi1, Sung-Joo Yoon2, Sunghyeon Kim3, Taejung Kim4*
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Multi-Class Multi-Object Tracking in Aerial Images Using Uncertainty Estimation
Hyeongchan Ham1*, Junwon Seo1, Junhee Kim2, Chungsu Jang2
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